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Network Narratives User Interface

Network Narratives shows four different views, explained on this page.

Slide view: Visualization and Captions

The visualization view shows an interactive nodelink diagram of your network. During the tour, the visalization view remains fully interactive, allowing to hover nodes and pan and zoom. During the tour, Network Narratives will highlight nodes and links relevant to the current fact on your side.

Below the visualization view sit the captions explaining you what you see on this particular slide. These are textual explanations. Wherever required, the captions show a link to Wikipedia, explaining concepts mentioned in a caption.

The navigation bar is the heart of the Network Narratives user interface and is best imagined as a remote control. It helps you navigate between slides in your tour (“slide-deck”) as well as sections. More info on the structure of a tour can be found here.

Tours Menu

The tours menu allows you select among a range of tours and see the structure of the current tour.

Selecting tours

Some tours can be selected by default since they will explain you facts about the entire network. Other tours require

To select nodes, click a node or draw a lasso around a set of nodes in the visualization view.

Tour overview and bookmarks.

The tour overview shows the tours sections and slides as a tree, as in a file browser. Sections group slides of similar content and help structure a tour. You can click each slide in the tour to directly jump to that slide or use the navigation bar to naviate through the slides in their linear sequence.

A plus sign besides a tour indicated a de-tour, inserting similar slides to learn more about the fact shown at the respective slides (see also Navigation Bar). Newly inserted slides are addedd to your overview.

If you click on the Bookmarks tab (just above the tour outline), you see a list of all bookmarked slides.

Editing tours

You can edit tours, by adding and removing individual slides a well as filtering slides about specific facts you are most interested in, e.g.,