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Guided Tours with Network Narratives

NetworkNarratives is a Vistorian modules that provides a set of automatically generated guided tours in the form of annotated slideshows to help you exploring your network. Chosing from a set of tours (e.g., Network Overview, Egonetwork Exploration, etc.), NetworkNarratives creates a slideshow with text captions as if someone would give you talk about your network. With simple linear navigation (next slide, previous slide), you can navigate the slideshow and learn about your network.

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Launching Network Narratives

You can launch NetworkNarratives direclty from The Vistorian side menu where you launch the individual visualizations.


A tour in Network Narratives is best imagined as a slide-deck. Each slide tells you something about your network. A tour consists of

Slides in a tour are calculated by Network Narratives once a tour has been selected.

You can use the Navigation Bar to navigate between slides.

Find out which tours Network Narratives provides with.

User Interface

Screenshot of the user interface

Learn more about the user interface here.

Help & Support

Get in touch to schedule a 1-1 session to help you get set with your data. A Partcipant Information Sheet is optional if you would like to support our research and can be found here.