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Our Research

The Vistorian is a platform that aims to bring novel network visualizations to domain experts. The Vistorian focuses on geographic, temporal, and multivariate networks. Our goals are

What is Vistorian Lab?

Enabling VistorianLabs gives you access to novel features we are currently testing and to be a more of help with the Vistorian through our team.

To inform our research and improve The Vistorian, it is essential that we understand how people use visualizations and interactive features in the Vistorian. When enabling istorianLabs, we gather anonymous interaction data to understand how users use The Vistorian and its interactive features. At no point will any private and identifiable information or data be forwarded to our side.

By enabling the Vistorian Lab, you consent to the terms and conditions below and enable anonymous logging of your interactions for our research purposes as detailed here. You can disable and enable VistorianLabs at any point.

Before enabling VistorianLabs, you will be informed about your data collection practices, which have obtained ethics approval from the Ethics Board at the University of Edinburgh. You can find the consent form here

Enabling VistorianLabs currently allows for the following:

You can contact us by email to book a consultation with our visualization experts to help you with the Vistorian.


Through the Vistorian Lab you can create new bookmarks. Each created bookmark holds the state of the currently-selected dataset and chosen network upon the time of creation. It enables you also to add your own notes and classify them based on their purpose.

How do I benefit from using Vistorian Lab bookmarks?

  1. You can create bookmarks with states that logs your progress and review them to compare and analyze through in their timeline order.
  2. You can add your own notes, title, choose suitable analysis type and export them into a JSON file.
  3. You can import your bookmarks JSON file at anytime whenever needed.
  4. You can easily share the bookmarks with your colleagues to review and discuss your work and progress.

Data privacy?

Vistorian Lab is a tool that serves both users and research to enhance the visualization process and provide a better environment to users. The project invloves logging the users’ engagement and interactions with the The Vistorian platform. Our application does not keep any of your data in our tracking logs.

To know more about data privacy, tracking and consents, please choose the phase you are participatig in:

  1. Phase 1 : Vistorian Activity Logging Study
  2. Phase 2 : Longitudinal Case Study Evaluation of The Vistorian