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Currently we are offering (Please check below for more details):

The University of Edinburgh is running an open workshop to help visualize your networks with The Vistorian. The Vistorian is an application that provides a set of interactive network visualizations (node-link diagram, matrix, timeline, and map) to visualize geographical, temporal, and multivariate networks. No coding or download is required. The Vistorian runs in your web browser with your data stored securely on your machine.

The tutorial is aimed for everyone wanting to visualize and visually explore complex network data. The Vistorian can help with geographic, temporal and multivariate networks. There is a size limit of around 1000 links for the time being.

The Vistorian is tool created in close relationship with our research in data visualization and aims to both provide novel and powerful visualizations for complex networks and help making these visualizations more accessible. We are keen to learn from your experience and improve our tool.

Our tutorial is build around the following parts and will run on June 3rd, with optional Q&A and drop-in sessions over the summer.

Overview session

has taken place on: Thursday, June 3rd 2021, 4-5pm UK time

This intro covered:

The short session recording be found below. We concluded with a Q&A session (not recorded).

The agenda of the overview and live tutorial session given on the 3rd of June can be found here.

Live Tutorial

###Zoom Link: Join Zoom Meeting https://ed-ac-uk.zoom.us/j/87095048853

Meeting ID: 870 9504 8853 Passcode: T6wqttcy

Live Tutorial will run as following:

For those who are intrested can go through the Step-by-Step GuideIt will help you to use the Vistorian with a hands-on example and data provided by us.

Web tutorials

Our website will feature tutorial material, including short videos and a complete documentation of our interactions and the note-taking tool. We will add new tutorials and examples over the coming days.

Drop-in Q&A sessions

We would like to help you with your personal data visualization and exploration through a set of Q&A sessions where you can share with us your visualization and discuss any issues you may have. If you cannot make these Q&As, please get in touch with us to book a specific appointment. The sessions have taken place on:

Individual sessions

You can book an individual appointment with The Vistorian team to discuss your data and visualizations by emailing us

Slack Channel

We are delighted to invite you to The Vistorian slack channel for questions, open discussions on the Vistorian and on how can we use explorative and interactive visualizations, and updates, please join us on : The Vistorian Slack Channel


Who is eligible?

While the tutorial is open to anyone with an interest in data visualization (especially dynamic networks), most benefits will be to those with question(s) in mind who would like to address through interactivity, bookmarks, states restoration , notes and states exchange.

How does the Vistorian handle my data?

While The Vistorian is a web application, i.e., it runs in your browser, your data will remain on your machine and will not be transmitted to any other machine. Consequently, you do not need any login but also you cannot share your visualizations with colleagues.

Are you gathering any usage data?

As part of our ongoing research, we anonymously track your usage and analyze these usage data. This does not include your network data. More information can be found on our research page.