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The Vistorian

The Vistorian is an online tool for interactive exploration of dynamic, multivariate, and geographic networks.

Marie Boucher Dataset Explored Using The Vistorian, courtesy of Dr. Nicole Dufournaud

Interactive exploration means to discover and scrutinize your data through interactive queries and multiple complementary perspectives (visualizations). The idea of exploratory data analysis (EDA) goes back to the American statistician John Tukey.

The Vistorian is an active research project at the Vishub at the University of Edinburgh and Inria, France. The Vistorian is free to use by everyone. If you’re using the Vistorian for work, please cite our poster and send us feedback and examples of your work of our gallery. This helps us keeping the Vistorian funded. Similarly, if you find bugs, send us screenshots and descriptions, we’re happy to help you with your data. The Vistorian is open source.

» Launch the Vistorian

We are currently working an updated version Vistorian 2.0 (release mid Jan 2022) with:

Why the Vistorian?

The Vistorian provides four interactive visualizations to help explore networks:

The four visualizations provided by the Vistorian: a node-link diagram, timeline, adjacency matrix, and map view.

What kinds of networks does it visualize?

The Vistorian provides visualiztions for the following data in networks:

Diagram shwoing how multiple links, link types, link weights, geography, and changes over time are represented in the Vistorian.

Upload data in simple CSV

Your data needs to be formatted in tables like shown below. All your data will remain securly on your machine. No data will be send to our server.

Screenshot showing a table of data, with columns labelled "Index", "Sender", "Location_sender", "Qualification", "Receiver", "Location_receiver" and "Date"

Learn more about formatting data for The Vistorian.


We provide detailed tutorials as well as a live workshops.


Cite The Vistorian

Benjamin Bach, Nathalie Henry Riche, Roland Fernandez, Emmanoulis Giannisakis, Bongshin Lee, Jean-Daniel Fekete. NetworkCube: Bringing Dynamic Network Visualizations to Domain Scientists. Posters of the Conference on Information Visualization (InfoVis), Oct 2015, Chicago, United States. 2015.


The Vistorian is an ongoing reserch project. It is open source. If you wish to contribute or find issues, get in contact with us.